Thursday, August 25, 2016

jizobon & gangara fire festival

today is jizobon, where we give thanks to ojizoson, who watches over children❤︎  #jizobon #ishibashi #osaka #japan #地蔵盆 #石橋 #大阪 Yesterday was Jizobon, where people give thanks to Ojizoson, who watches over the children.

I noticed all the tiny shrines around our shopping arcade decorated with chochin (paper lanterns) and offerings. There were also some priests sitting in front of some of the shrines saying prayers.

This was my first time seeing this and I had to look online to figure what it was. (learned something new!)

Satoshi said that when he was a child, Jizobon was celebrated at the furoya-san (public bath), dunno if they have tiny shrines, next door to MIL's. When I asked him what they did, he said they just played games and ate candy...

Last night was also the Gangara Fire Festival, which I've written about before, here.

Summer seems to be coming to a close with all these events, but the weather dude says that the heat & humidity will continue to linger awhile.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

culture shock

Untitled Awhile back we received this 20 liter box of mineral water from Satoshi's friend.

Satoshi says we received one many moons ago from the same friend, but I don't remember. (sorry!)

Untitled Anyway, I was really impressed with the nozzle to pour the water.

It looks like those tabs when you open a shoyu or vinegar bottle here in Japan.

Untitled But, instead of a soft plastic, it is kinda stretchy like a rubber band.

Pull on it and the water comes out, release and the water stops.

Sorry I couldn't get a shot of the water coming out.

We opened the box at the beginning of August and are almost finished drinking the 20 liters...we really appreciated this gift (thank you!)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

inagawa fireworks

I think I told you how bummed we were to see that apartment complex come up last year, here.

Well, between the two buildings (the new apartment and an older one), we could see the fireworks...whoo!

Here's a short video.

Monday, August 22, 2016

café quarirengue

1st time checking out café quarirengue : coffee jelly, matcha cake & coffee❤︎ #kyoto #caféquarirengue #japan #カフェ火裏蓮花 #京都 #latergram Most times when we go to Kyoto, we visit MIL, so we don't do much holo-holo (galavanting).

I've had Café Quarirengue bookmarked for awhile now, so it was nice that we could check it out this past Saturday.

I ordered their coffee jelly parfait...vanilla ice cream, topped with cornflakes, some candied walnuts and coffee gelatin...delicious!

Satoshi ordered their matcha cake with a coffee...the cake was dense like good!

The ceramics that they served everything in were so pretty.

Even though the heat and humidity was pretty miserable, I'm glad we got to check this place out.

I'll be back!

Café Quarirengue
74-4 Yanagihachimancho
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Closed Fridays
Hours: 11:30-18:00

Friday, August 19, 2016

culture shock

Untitled It's still blazing over here, so let's talk about ice.

Last month when I was in Hawaii, Aunty Marian's ice maker went kaput.

She mentioned that someone would need to come and fix it.

Also awhile back, BFF, Wen mentioned if she wanted her refridge to make ice, she would need to install a waterline...

Apparently most U.S. refrigerators with ice makers need to be near a waterline, like near the sink.

In Japan though, our ice making refrigerators can be placed anywhere there is a plug, because we have a cartridge that we fill with water.

Untitled We put this cartridge directly into our refridge.

The water is sucked out and brought down to the ice making area of the freezer.

"Cool", yeah?!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

watermelon rind pickles

Untitled A friend on Instagram, uploaded a photo of watermelon rind pickles.

It sounded so easy that I had to try.

She didn't give measurements, so I's what I did...

rind of less than 1/8 of watermelon
1/2 tablespoon Hawaiian salt (coarse salt if you don't have Hawaiian salt)

Cut the green part off
Slice into 1/2 inch matchsticks
Sprinkle the salt
Massage and leave for a couple of hours
Rinse before eating

making watermelon rind pickles for first time, hope it comes out tasty! thanks @kabocha808 for telling me how❤︎  #watermelonrindpickles #osaka #japan A lot of recipes online involve cooking the rind, but I like this version because there is no cooking involved.

Perfect for summer!

NOTES: After rinsing, this was still quite salty, so I would cut back the amount of salt to a teaspoon.

Also, I think leaving a little "red" makes it more photogenic.

This was super crunchy and tastes like cucumbers.

I'm making this again.

super crunchy❤︎thanks again @kabocha808 ☆cut the green part off ☆sprinkle hawaiian salt ☆let sit a couple of hours ☆rinse salt off before eating ☆super easy & ono(delicious)  #watermelonrindpickles #osaka #japan

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Untitled Sunday, we thought hanging out by the Minoo Falls would be a nice way to keep cool...

We walked in 2.8 kilometers (1.7 miles) to the falls...

We thought ahead and bought some sandwiches to eat once we reached the falls.

There were tons of people...

Before reaching the falls though, we came across this funky beetle. First time for me to see a blingy reddish one (usually they are blingy bluish-green).

I shot a short video of the falls here, if you are interested, please take a look.

wild monkey looking for unattended bento...don't feed them, there is a 10,000 yen fine! #minoo #osaka #monkey #箕面 #大阪 #猿 Then this guy came out to look for unattended bento...Of course, Satoshi went up close to it to take its photo...

Apparently he has not learned his lesson when it comes to monkeys....sigh.

The monkey crossed over to where others were eating, it was a good thing no one got hurt, but I was shocked that no one warned those people, they were more intent on filming the whole thing on their phones...

coffee affogato but cold version❤︎ #箕面 #大阪 #山本珈琲 #コーヒーフロート #yamamotocoffee #minoo #osaka #coffeefloat #latergram Since the falls did not relieve any heat or humidity, we decided to hang out at Yamamoto Coffee which is located at the middle of the park.

Satoshi ordered a melon cream soda while I ordered a coffee float.

In the afternoon, there was a freak rainstorm that lasted an hour or so, with lightning and thunder.

Lots of excitement, yeah?! How was your Sunday?