Thursday, May 25, 2017


Untitled Sunday we went to meet MIL and BIL at Hikone.

We got there early, so Satoshi had an egg sandwich and I had a caramel banana cake at Micro Lady Coffee Stand.

The baked items and sandwich were made by Mashita, a pop up shop.

Untitled It was my first time trying an espresso tonic.

Strong shot of espresso, tonic water & some citrusy syrup.

Different but delicious.

Untitled We met MIL and BIL in front of Gennai, and then had unagi for lunch.

Satoshi teased me because I previously checked out their menu and knew what I wanted to order before hand...

I ordered this umaki (grilled eel is enveloped in a fluffy rolled omelette) and shared with good!

Untitled I also had their mini unagi donburi.

The skin of the unagi is cooked until crisp. Delicious!

Untitled We then went to visit the grave of MIL's family and then reconnected with MIL's cousin's son's wife (distant relative).

The birth home of MIL's grandfather was turned into a city historic site so we weren't able to see inside the home.

Apparently it is 250 years or so old though...amazing!

Untitled The city recently refurbished the roof...bummer we hadn't reconnected with this distant relative sooner, the home was accessible up until 3 years ago.

Still, it was nice to make a connection and spend some time with MIL and BIL.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Untitled Saturday I went to check out Kissa Sunshine. Kissa in Japanese means coffee shop.

On Tabelog, the reviewers mentioned that the place is usual filled with "salarymen" (business men) during the week which equals smoking...which equals "blah".

So, I went to check them out on Saturday...well, the hot cakes while delicious, there were people still smoking...I'm glad I checked this place out though, but won't be back because of the smoking.

Untitled To end on a happy note, I had this refreshing mango sparkling tea at All Day Coffee on Saturday too.

What made it even more delicious were the bits of fresh mango in the tea!

It is blazing hot, we even had to put the a/c on already and it is only May...summer is gonna be brutal.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

salmon takuan rice

Untitled The weather has gone from cool to broiling hot!

Over the weekend, the temps were said to be July/August levels...gah!

Anyway, I wanted to share this easy recipe.

We stumbled upon this combination when we bought a couple of musubi from a sozai (pre-made food) shop.

For 1 cup of cooked rice mix in 30 grams of flaked salmon (I used a bottled type) and 30 grams of thinly sliced takuan.

Add a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

Serve in chawan (rice bowl) or make into musubi.

NOTES: For this version, I don't wrap the musubi in nori.

We just eat as is.

So delicious, we love the sweet crunch from the takuan and salty from the salmon.

I've already made this twice and it is quickly becoming a favorite of ours.

Hydrate everyone, summer is here!

Monday, May 22, 2017

on the lanai

Untitled I planted the seeds we received from our last visit to Kurokawa Dahlia Park.

Hopefully these dahlia will actually get big enough to flower and not dry up like last year.

Friday, May 19, 2017


Untitled I recently came across these teeny oranges called "cuties" imported from the US.

Apparently there are two varieties, Murcott & Clementines.

This one is Murcott.

They are easy to peel and quite sweet too.

Plus, I like their name.

Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


I accidentally squished this guy between the glass doors on our lanai & heard it scream, he was dazed, but I'm glad he escaped when I shooed him with a stick...hope he'll live❤︎how's your monday going?!  #dailystuff #lizard #eep #osaka #japan The other day as I was closing the sliding doors on our lanai, I heard a little squeal.

I looked down and this guy was squirming between the doors...

(In Japan, our glass sliding doors both move. Unlike the ones I've seen in Hawaii where one moves and the other does not.)

I freaked out and quickly opened the door and he was dazed.

With a stick, I tried to coax him outside.

It took some time to get him outside, and it seems he was okay...whew!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

calbee croquette

Untitled If you are familiar with Japanese snacks, you'll know that Calbee makes potato chips.

Well, they recently teamed up with Hankyu Department Store in Umeda and started selling croquettes.

In Japan, traditional croquettes are mashed potatoes with bits of beef that are formed into oblong orbs and are deep fried. At the markets they sell these and other flavor variations too.

Anyway, before Golden Week, Calbee/Hankyu started selling these teeny snack types as well as regular sized croquettes.

And of course whenever something "new" appears, there are always krazy lines.

As you wait in line, they give you the "menu" so you can decide which flavors you want to get.

Then when you get closer to the glass case, they will give you tickets for the flavors you wish to purchase.

In front of the glass case, you hand over your tickets and someone readies your order.

Then you pay and go off with your purchases...pretty good system and the line moves quite quickly.

the line wasn't too krazy today❤︎calbee's nori shio, consommé punch, plain & butter croquettes  #calbeepotatosnack #umeda #japan #croquette #カルビーポテトコロッケ #阪急梅田 #梅田 #大阪 #コロッケ #のり塩 #コンソメパンチ #発酵バター #プレーン Luckily, this past Saturday while I waited for Satoshi to finish his German class, I was able to pick up some croquettes for us to try.

Their regular sized: plain, butter...we liked the butter one!

Snack type flavored like their chips: Nori shio (kelp & salt) and consomme punch (consomme)...we liked the nori shio one!

I'm glad we got to try these, definitely not something to buy everyday, but nice to maybe bring to a potluck party.