Friday, September 22, 2017

fish drawer

Untitled Since a lot of homes grill fish for meals in Japan, they have fish drawers located under the stove tops.

When we first moved to Japan, I was leery of using gas stoves because the heat is super hot and I love it because it is super hot and fast...

Anyway, I have never used "the drawer" that is in my stove because I have seen horror stories on tv on how hard it is to clean up afterwards.

DSC02093 Yesterday, I bought some sanma (pacific saury) and was debating how to cook it...

Since I've never used it, I have never cleaned it is a dust drawer.

Untitled I have seen that you can cook pizza in this drawer as well as toast bread really quickly too.

Incentive for me to try using this, yeah?!

Untitled Love the cute fish near the dial you need to use to turn it on.

Untitled I chickend out in the end and used my oven.

But will definitely look for the instructions on how to use "the drawer" because I think by using gas, the skin of the fish will crisp up better (and probably cook faster too!).

not sure I would cook sanma again, but I'm glad I tried and know what to do the next time around...cauliflower with ras el hanout...goya with maitake & chirimen jakko❤︎ #pacificsaury #sudachi #goya #maitake #chirimenjakko #cauliflower #raselhanout # Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

shokuyoku no aki

luckily we only had a LOT of rain, thanks for all your good thoughts❤︎ #typhoon #osaka #japan #oatmeal #fig #apricot #coconutchips #台風一過 #大阪 #オートミール #無花果 #ドライフルーツ #杏 #ココナッツチップス During a krazy hot Summer, there are some that lose their appetites.

I have (unfortunately) never experienced this...ahem!

Now that Autumn is rolling around, the Japanese have a saying..."shokuyoku no aki" (literally appetite of autumn) because there are so many delicious things to look forward to during this time of year.

(chestnuts, different types of mushrooms, grapes, pears and different types of seafood...much much more).

I personally look forward to chestnuts, pears and figs.

Japanese have a saying during this time of year..."shokuyoku no aki"(literally autumn appetite)❤︎ #autumn #bento #matsuoka #osaka #japan #食欲の秋 #弁当 #まつおか #大阪 What are the foods you look forward to in Autumn?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Untitled The day after the typhoon passed, it was a holiday...since we had been cooped up indoors, we went to the movies and saw a movie that Satoshi was interested in seeing called "Sekigahara"....blood, guts, samurai...

Dessert was at the Babbi kiosk inside Hankyu Department Store...marron glacé & chocolat gelato...bummer that the marron glacé flavor was overpowered by the chocolat...

Dinner was at a sushi shop that Satoshi has been to with some of his baseball alumni...Shigezushi

The owner is such a cute and talkative man...

Some of the items we had we ikura soaked in some shoyu and other seasonings...

Untitled Tai (seabream) sashimi.

Untitled And hamo (pike eel) fluffy! with the way it was poached. (click on the photo to see the steam rising off of the hamo)

There was also some delicious katsuo (bonito), tender tako (octopus) and some other items, but we were having such a nice time talking story with the owner that I ended up not taking many photos.

Definitely a different experience than the conveyor belt type of sushi places, but I am glad we ate here.

We'll be back.

2-6-28 Hotarugaike Higashimachi
Toyonaka, Osaka
Phone: 06.6845.2220

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


big yolks while waiting for the typhoon(actually very windy but no rain)❤︎ #kaemon #currygohan #sunnysideup #rakkyo #osaka #japan #加右衛門 #カレーごはん #目玉焼き #らっきょ #大阪 Thank you for your good thoughts...the typhoon passed us without any damage, I think other areas were not so lucky.

We did have a ton of rain though, at one point it was coming down in sheets or buckets...

One of the things we ate while waiting things out was the other packet of curry gohan.

This time around I measured everything so that I can re-create it...

I will post the recipe when I do get a chance to re-create it.

Anyway, we enjoyed the white rice version over the brown rice one.

Have a nice week!

Friday, September 15, 2017


three day weekend, but typhoon approaching = loading up on essentials(beer & ice cream)❤︎ #osaka #typhoon #japan #台風 #大阪 #お供え Three day weekend but we have a typhoon I spent this morning stocking up on essentials...

(beer & ice cream)...

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

kaemon curry gohan

Untitled I came across these curry gohan (rice) mixes at Tiny Garden Foods in Lucua 1100.

Left: genmai (brown rice) Right: hakumai (white rice)

Just throw everything into your rice cooker and cook.

Of course, I rinsed the rice before I cooked it.

Untitled I tried the genmai (brown rice) one and it came out kinda on the dry side.

I also added some veggies and rakkyo (pickled shallots) after cooking.

These are good to have on hand, but will also try to figure out how much rice and curry they use, so I can make this when I don't happen to have this.

Will also add an oozy egg to top the hakumai version...

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

copy cat fig salad

copycat RF1 salad❤︎figs, greens, red onion, prosciutto & raspberry vinaigrette #rf1 #salad #fig #prosciutto #raspberryvinaigrette #osaka #japan #サラダ #無花果 #生ハム #大阪 I love RF1 salads. You can buy them from the food halls in most department stores.

They are sold by weight, so sometimes we buy several different salads for dinner.

They also sell fried items as well as bentos too.

When I was passing by their counter the other day, I noticed they had a fig salad.

I was interested in trying it but it was a bit on the pricey side, so instead I copied it.

Prosciutto, fresh figs, greens, red onion and a raspberry vinaigrette.

I think their version also had a sprinkling of cheese but I left that out.

I don't know what their salad actually tastes like, but I enjoyed my version and will make this again.

For the raspberry vinaigrette (serves 2), put 1 tablespoon of raspberry vinegar and mix in 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Also grind in some fresh black pepper...drizzle 1 tablespoon of dressing for 1 serving.

What are you enjoying this Autumn?