Thursday, November 23, 2017

kinro kansha no hi

Untitled Today is Kinro Kansha no Hi, a national holiday that shows an appreciation for laborers and production, to me it is a combination of Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

Thinking of family and friends in the States and around the world too.

Hope you all have lots to eat and are able to spend some time with the special people in your lives.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

roi thai

Untitled Roi Thai is a brand that we have here for coconut milk.

Recently, as I was walking around Kaldi Coffee Farm (a shop that imports all sorts of foods), I noticed that they had an "instant" curry.

I picked up their Massaman, Green and Red.

Untitled Each box is 2 servings and you only need to cook the curry for a couple of minutes, so I precooked all the "stuff" I wanted to put in it...eggplant, red bell pepper, maitake and chicken.

We tried the green curry, because I thought "green" was not as hot as "red"...wrong.

It was super spicy!

But so good!

I'm glad we tried this, and the next time I put chicken, I think I'm gonna try putting in minced chicken instead of chicken wings, so it will cook through faster.

Monday, November 20, 2017

muroji & hasedera

Untitled Sunday, we were heading out to Nara when Satoshi who has a bad habit of walking in front of me, took me out and I landed "kerplat" on the pavement.

I usually have a chance to "deflect" him, but this time he came out of nowhere....luckily it happened right in front of our place, so we headed back upstairs for me to clean my wounds...

Both palms have teeny asphalt holes (try washing dishes, showering, even putting on skincare....sting!)...both my knees have chin has a bump (hope it won't turn black and blue) and my lip looks like I have a huge cold sore on it...

On top of that, my arms and legs are sore probably from trying to brace my least I didn't break anything and didn't need to go to the hospital...

Untitled Anyway, from our place to Muroji it is about an hour an 45 minutes by train to Muroguchiono station, then by bus another 10 minutes or so.

Luckily during this time of year they have extra buses running, so we were able to get onto one as soon as we arrived at the station.

You need to walk in a bit from the bus stop but there are some shops to look at along the way.

Untitled From the entrance to Okunoin (the farthest inside temple), you need to climb stairs...lots of them and they go pretty much straight up...

I took my time going up and held onto the skinny rails that were almost all along the way up.

I also took my time coming down as it is quite steep and didn't want to fall "again"....

Untitled Treat while we waited for the bus to come...a slightly warm, yomogi (mugwort) mochi filled with sweet bean paste.

Untitled Also during this time of year there is a bus that takes you directly from Muroji to Hasedera...luckily we were able to catch one of these...

The ride is about 50 minutes through winding roads.

Untitled Once at Hasedera, there is a huge staircase to walk up to the temple.

Untitled It is quite peaceful and beautiful from up top.

If you have some time, pay the extra 1000 yen to go inside and see the Eleven Faced Kannon, it is 10 meters tall (about 32 feet high). You can walk around it about mouth open drop jaw moment...

Untitled And from Hasedera to the station it is about a 30 minute walk.

We were glad to check out some of fall foliage, though the weather was overcast and cold.

It seems we've been thrown head first into winter...maybe those stink bugs really know something yeah?!

Have a good week!

Friday, November 17, 2017

ikeda castle ruins park

Untitled This morning was 4C (39F)...brr!

On my way to the market, I went to check out the Ikeda Castle Ruins Park.

Untitled There weren't too many trees that had changed colors.

Untitled But, I'm glad the ones that had were my height, so I could get close enough to get some shots.


Untitled There were quite a bit of fallen leaves too.


Untitled They also had kiku (chrysanthemum) on display too.

Rain in the forecast for tomorrow, hope you have a nice weekend.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Untitled Went to Saikoji today to check out the fall colors.

Only the leaves that the sunlight hit turned reddish.

Untitled The wind was strong and icy.

Untitled We're supposed to have year end temps tomorrow through the weekend...brr.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

thanks santa

thanks santa❤︎ ・ ・ ・ #シュトーレン #ロゼ #takibibakery #stollen #miraval #rosé #deananddeluca #osaka #japan #大阪 #latergram On Saturday, I saw these at Dean & Deluca and decided to pick them up...

Takibi Bakery's stollen and Miraval's Rosé.

We tried Takibi Bakery's stollen a couple of years ago.

And I first heard about the rosé from Rowena over the summer.

D & D also had a blanc made by Miraval, but the price for that one was a little too pricey.

Looking forward to trying the rosé with Christmas Eve dinner and having the stollen for several breakfasts in December.

Monday, November 13, 2017


Untitled Earlier this morning I went to Sanshikisaido. I love this street.

Untitled This year the leaves changed quickly, our mornings have been in the 40s(F)...brr while warming up by lunchtime, which is perfect for the leaves to change colors.


IMG_2692 Click on this photo to see a short video that I shot.

Untitled It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so I hope to get out later this week on more walks to see more fall foliage.